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Discover what you can do to manage overload in your work and life. Identify some constructive changes to improve your efficiency, productivity and well-being.Key Learning points

Physical Environment

  • Large computer screen
  • Ergonomic Chair
  • Temperature
  • Air quality
  • Natural light
  • Colours

Desk & Work Habits

  • Clear and organised work space
  • Focus on one task, avoid multitasking

Time Management

  • Bunch similar tasks
  • Planning the day before
  • Clear backlog tasks bit by bit
  • Do it now mentality

Looking After Your Body

  • Stretching
  • Drink water to avoid dehydration

Manage Emails

  • Set specific times to check email
  • Manage your inbox
  • Read once and act

Break the 24/7 Addiction

  • Distinguish between work and private life
  • Time out
  • More holidays
  • Avoid instant messengers

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Stress / Safety / Wellbeing
Release Date
Jan 1, 2007
Video Running Time (minutes)
Seven Dimensions
Featured Talent
Eve Ash
Peter Quarry
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