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This video examines what leaders should be doing in times of rapid, ongoing change. Find out how this differs from earlier approaches to leadership.

This program features psychologist Peter Quarry interviewing

Professor Dennis Jaffe. Professor Dennis Jaffe is Professor of Organizational Systems at Saybrook Graduate School in San Francisco, where he created their Organizational Systems doctoral program. He is the founding principal of Changeworks, a San Francisco organisational development firm.

Dr Jaffe is a nationally recognised leader in the field of organisational development. He consults extensively on managing change, developing strategic visions, sustaining employee commitment, building value based cultures and designing collaborative workplaces.

As both an organization consultant and clinical psychologist, Dennis works with the business and personal aspects of family business and wealth. Working with family businesses and family offices, he helps create effective boards, management teams, overcome conflict and set strategic direction so that the family ventures can thrive.

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Jan 1, 1998
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