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This video describes what cross cultural communication skills are and why they are becoming increasingly important in today's business environment.

This program features psychologist Peter Quarry, interviewing Doug Lipp, an international business consultant, USA. Doug Lipp, formerly head of training at Disney Studio's Walt Disney University,

Doug Lipp also worked at Disneyland on the "Traditions" orientation program and other leadership courses.

Pivotal in Doug's career with Disney was his experience in the mid 80's when the corporate culture changed from the arrogant: "we're the best, why change?" To the progressive: "don't rest on your laurels" powerhouse corporation that it remains today. Fluent in Japanese, Doug Lipp was on the startup team for Tokyo Disneyland, working in Japan for two years creating Disney's first international theme park. Both when he worked for NEC Electronics and currently in his private consulting practice,

Doug Lipp addresses the topics of global and domestic customer service, leadership, and cultural diversity with his clients in the U.S. and abroad. Doug Lipp is the author of several books including The Changing Face of Today's Customer, which proclaims the use of "cultural sense" in addition to common sense, and Even Monkeys Fall From Trees, about the balance of art and science for outstanding customer service.
Communication Skills
Diversity / Respect
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Jan 1, 1998
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