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Kylie Bell gives Eve Ash examples of leaders who were anxious and avoidant. The anxious general manager did not trust his branch managers to be reliable and to do the work properly, leading to a climate of micromanagement and disempowerment. In the case of the avoidant CEO, he had two teams run by equally avoidant deputies (one who didn't want conflict and the other who never supplied feedback). The teams lacked direction. Kylie recommend the two leaders be willing to examine their style and be open to feedback. It is also important to develop relationships and begin at the top with self-improvement and being responsible.

The anxious general manager:

  • Scanned for evidence people were being unreliable
  • Looked for evidence of mistakes
  • Deputies stopped making decisions over fear of being criticized The avoidant CEO
  • Had two teams that weren't functioning well
  • They were run by deputies who were also avoidant (one disliked conflict and the other wouldn't give feedback)
  • The CEO also disliked delegating and giving feedback!
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Psychology/Mental Health
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Nov 1, 2019
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Eve Ash
Kylie Bell
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