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Learn the five key skills of effective listening and understanding - show interest, focus on the key issue, summarize and check, listen for the common thread and explore feelings.

Listening is one of the most important, yet most under-practised and least-often-used skills in human behaviour. Researchers claim that 75% of oral communication is ignored, misunderstood or soon forgotten. Good communication is a critical element in an efficient, productive workplace.

This program teaches employees the five secrets for developing effective listening and understanding skills: show interest, focus on key issues, summarise and check for understanding, listen for common threads and explore and respond to feelings.

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Communication Essentials Series
Good communication is essential to an efficient and productive workplace. In today's flatter, team-focused organisations, all employees need to assume responsibility for developing their communication skills to a high level.The four-part Communication Essentials series will ensure that your employee... read more
Communication Skills
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Jan 1, 1997
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