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Marie wants to talk to fellow team member Claude about the problems caused by his late deliveries. But how does she start? How can she handle her anxiety and fear of what might happen?

An essential part of coaching someone is giving them feedback about their performance - telling them what they are doing well, and also what they could do better. But knowing what to say and how to say it can create a lot of anxiety.

Marie is fearful about giving feedback to Claude, her colleague, because she can imagine his negative reaction. Many people are worried about how others will react to feedback.

So how can we overcome this fear? The best way is just to get started with the conversation because starting is the hardest part.

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Coaching Challenges Series
In the real business world, coaching situations spring up all the time. The should be exciting opportunities for feedback, growth, development and improved bottom line results! But often, even with the best preparation and planning, people respond unpredicatably... and these present real life Coachi... read more
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Jan 1, 2003
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