Choose the best licensing option for you: One Year Limited Access, One Year Unlimited Access, One Week Limited Access, Bundles, and License Packs. Some products are available in only selected license types.

One Year Limited Access

This is a good choice for an on-going need for the course. License terms are one year. This license allows for ALL ArcLearn features including streaming, downloading, eLearning, Scorm, etc.


Each program is offered on a per-play basis.

  • Base package: 100 plays (minimum purchase)
  • More than 100 plays are discounted per play if purchased with the base package.

What is a play?

Beginning a program on a PC/Macintosh opens a three-hour viewing period which counts as one play. All programs can be completed in two hours or less.

License Term

Each license starts with a one year term. Purchasing additional plays extends the term for another year and any unused plays are extended as well. Otherwise, after one year, the term is ended and unused plays are lost. The license is terminated when all purchased plays are exhausted.

One Week Limited Access

This is your best choice for a short term need, such as a meeting or training session. If you need a single title two or more times a year, a One Year Limited Access License is your best bet. Some course offerings do not have a One Week Access option.

This license allows for full privileges of a title including streaming, downloading, eLearning, Scorm, etc. All One Week Limited Access licenses have a one week term with 30 plays available. Additional plays are not available.

Personal Licenses

A low cost license for the personal use only by the person who purchases the license. License does not apply to and is not transferable to any other person. Not to be used for any group training event. Note: this license type applies only to certain courses and series of courses, primarily Special Needs courses.

One Year Unlimited Access

This UNLIMITED play license is created for the large company that will be using the course on a company LMS or Intranet.

Get unlimited play for one low price! Designed for the large company with its own LMS.

One can obtain UNLIMITED access (unlimited number of students) for a one year term for the low price of $3,125 per title (or less on some titles). Scorm 1.2 version is available for your LMS.

Bundles and License Packs

Bundles are groups of courses with better pricing than individual courses. A license pack is a bundle, with a twist. You can mix/match titles in your license every month!

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