Unlocking Potential to Lead and Influence

Bizlibrary Webinar
2016 June 15th, 1pm Central/2pm Eastern

Great leaders continue to learn and develop their skills throughout their careers. The problem is many of us hold ourselves back. It’s time to be challenged and to challenge your team.

This webinar is an ideal opportunity to sharpen your mind with Psychologist and Behavior Expert, Eve Ash. You’ll learn a unique psychological approach to otivation and success.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Discover the 2 key attitudes for success and the impact of personal scripts on performance and potential
  • Discover how to develop and use a winning mindset so everyone at your organization achieves goals.
  • Overcome the 3 top fears that cause people to sabotage their own performance and remain stuck in their career
  • Find out how to use “Lands of W” to improve team communication
  • Learn the proven 4 step formula for achieving your goals
  • Gain confidence in presenting your vision, plans, decisions and ideas
  • Explain, clarify and influence with action oriented communication

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Unlocking Potential to Lead and Influence  leadership qualities

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