Leadership Skills Workshop

“Always love doing sessions with Eve – one of the best facilitators I’ve ever come across”
” Eve always has the right things to say to cement the message”

2018 Sept 18 – Campbelltown NSW

What does it take to be an inspirational leader?
What are the behaviours, attitudes and strategies of truly outstanding leaders?

This workshop focus on helping leaders at all levels of the business to enhance their management and decisions making skills, create opportunities to motivate and strengthen the team.

Leadership Skills Workshop Outline

This half-day workshop will be interactive, with discussion, self-analysis quizzes, skill building activities, case studies and videos.

Leadership self-awareness

  • Telltale signs and good/bad managers
  • How easy are you to work with?
  • Being a role model – mood, actions, competence
  • You create the culture

Best Practice: Essential Leadership Skills

  • Provide direction and achieve goals
  • Build relationships, empower your champions
  • Coaching and the art of feedback
  • Maintain balance and resilience

My leadership plan of action

  • Evaluation and review
Average score: 4.2 / 5
” Given the short timeframe (1/2 day) – very good. Love your style Eve.
” I always enjoy listening to Eve”
” Plentiful and interesting”
” Always good to see the videos it keeps you so tuned in “
” Always a pleasure “
” Excellent videos “
” Eve was very good “
” Longer sessions and more videos to watch after the session to watch with team during team meetings as part of team building will be helpful. “

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