Curing Injustice

The Criminal Lawyers Association of the Northern Territory (CLANT) – 15th biennial Bali Conference
2015 Jun 20th – 26th, Bali

JUSTICE HUNTERS: A strategy for change

Eve’s presentation will introduce the case study about Sue Neill Fraser and will cover the challenges making the feature documentary Shadow of Doubt, which investigates this wrongful conviction.

Eve spent four years researching and talking with family and friends, the police and lawyers. She wanted to understand why a jury would be convinced beyond reasonable doubt that Sue was guilty when there was so much doubt. Too many people are driven by a desire to judge and convict vs solve crimes and discover the truth, as Eve found out first hand when investigating and filming the Sue Neill Fraser case, then working with lawyer and former Asst Police Commissioner, Barbara Etter. Why are people so eager to judge, even in speculative circumstantial cases? And then go on to stand by their work when it is found to be erroneous? What is the psychology behind this?

Shadow of Doubt raises important questions about the way the crime was investigated, problems with witnesses, how the media was used to shape perceptions, and the shocking mistakes and omissions.

Eve at The Criminal Lawyers Association of the Northern Territory

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