Abuse of power at work, and how to stop it

What makes some men, and even some women, start to abuse others when in power? Not all powerful people turn nasty or look for sexual opportunities at work, but we are seeing a wave of “victims coming out” and the repercussions for senior executives and boards having to respond with actions not turning a blind […]

The devil is in the details

People at work often talk about others’ attention to detail. There are positive comments, which we love to hear and enjoy being commended for. “I trust her, she always checks her facts” “It is remarkable the way you care about detail” Then there are the negative comments. Sometimes these are told behind the backs of […]

3 best ways to manage distractions at work

It’s that time of the year (actually it can be any time of the year) when animated emails dance into your inbox, inviting you to Melbourne Cup lunches, staff barefoot bowls, charity fundraisers and so on. You’re tired from squinting at a never-ending database, or being pestered with complaints and inaction from colleagues. It’s only […]

4 ways to impress others with your ideas

Ideas are like chewable coffee beans; they stimulate, invigorate and pow! In a sterile or stony setting, however, they also wither for want of interest and understanding. How often does someone at a staff meeting put forward a badly-needed idea for improvement and then get met with blank silence? Often one objection about ‘a waste […]

Little differences make big differences

“Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star.” This wonderful quote is from entrepreneur and writer, the late William Clement Stone. Stone made numerous observations but I especially like this: “There is very little difference in people, but that little difference makes a big difference! The little difference is attitude. The […]

5 ways to build rapport at work

When someone is not interested in what you have to say, cuts you off, or ignores the way you are feeling, it blocks a productive relationship from developing. For great internal and external business relationships, we need to build rapport when we meet face-to-face, on the phone and even in writing. If you’re shy or […]

The art of questioning for good

Questioning is about curiosity and taking an interest in people and the world in order to unlock the unknown mysteries that surround you. Children are naturally curious, but their avidity for information wears off once they encounter rules, blocks and disinterest. We all need to develop constructive questioning techniques which help us to gradually understand […]

Take pride in your work but remember the big picture

Pride is a very natural emotion – within limits. But maybe in some organisations we don’t get to experience it often enough. There’s an appropriate time to briefly savour a well-deserved triumph. For some it means gloating; some people never know when to stop pushing themselves and their accomplishments in everyone else’s faces. But sooner or […]

8 common leadership flaws to avoid

Are you a leader who disappoints your team? I always like to hear what people say about poor leaders they have experienced because we can learn so much from them. At some recent leadership workshops I facilitated, we discussed leaders who have inspired us and what was disappointing and needed improvement. I found some common […]