Eve will design and facilitate a wide range of workshops – tailored to each client’s needs. Whether it be 1-2 hours or 1-2 days, ask Eve to design and deliver an interactive program to enthuse your people and build practical skills.

Facilitation of planning days
Whether it be a board, a technical or service team, a high functioning team or a dysfunctional team – Eve delights in facilitating team building and planning days, innovation or problem solving sessions or even developing vision and values.

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2017 Upcoming events

Survival Skills for Managers – 2 Day Workshop
Dealing With Difficult People – 2 Day Workshop


Recent workshops & webinars

Survival Skills for Managers – 2 Day Workshop
Sep 29th & 30th, 2016 Pan Pacific Orchard Hotel


Dealing With Difficult People – 2 Day Workshop
Sep 26th & 27th, 2016 Pan Pacific Orchard Hotel


Unlocking Potential to Lead and Influence
Wed, June 15th, 2016, 1pm Central/2pm Eastern



Great leaders continue to learn and develop their skills throughout their careers. The problem is many of us hold ourselves back. It’s time to be challenged and to challenge your team.

This webinar is an ideal opportunity to sharpen your mind with Psychologist and Behavior Expert, Eve Ash. You’ll learn a unique psychological approach to motivation and success.

Key Learning Objectives
• Discover the 2 key attitudes for success and the impact of personal scripts on performance and potential
• Discover how to develop and use a winning mindset so everyone at your organization achieves goals.
• Overcome the 3 top fears that cause people to sabotage their own performance and remain stuck in their career
• Find out how to use “Lands of W” to improve team communication
• Learn the proven 4 step formula for achieving your goals
• Gain confidence in presenting your vision, plans, decisions and ideas
• Explain, clarify and influence with action oriented communication

Dealing With Difficult People – 2 Day Workshop
Oct 1st & 2nd, 2015 Hilton Singapore

Eve01 Eve02
Workshop Sessions:

Day 1 
• Understanding difficult people and causes of conflict
• Self awareness and mindset management
• Communication skills for handling complainers
• How to handle difficult co-workers and managers
Day 2 
• Managing aggression and abuse
• Skills for resolving and mediating conflicts
• Being a calm champion of communication
• My plan of action for future development

Learning Methodology:
This workshop is designed to give participants skills to be confident in a wide range of difficult people situations. You will be taken through a series of stages:
• Problem clarity
• Self-awareness and thinking patterns
• Communication skills for complaints
• Advanced skills for feedback and conflict
• Challenge scenarios and skill building
• Confidence to handle difficult people & situation

This interactive program provides techniques for everyone to use when dealing with challenging people and situations. This powerful toolkit of people skills will provide specific skills for immediate application back at work. Participants will learn techniques, see them in action and complete a number of activities, role-plays and skill building exercises.

Skill Development
Develop skills and confidence to handle difficult customers and colleagues
Many people are challenged and uncomfortable dealing with difficult staff or customers. It’s normal!
But lacking skills can hold you back from being a great service provider or a top leader.
This workshop is a unique opportunity to develop skills for dealing with people problems at work.

Learn skills to become an effective communicator with difficult people
Develop powerful skills to deal with negativity, complaints and arguments, whether it be angry customers, moody colleagues, overbearing associates, manipulative personalities or uncooperative people.

Turn negativity into productivity!
• Build confidence and skills to manage a wide range of difficult people and problem situations
• Create a consistent approach to handling abusive people
• Learn a range of practical techniques to manage conflict and maintain a high level of customer service
• Practice techniques to respond calmly and professionally even when customers, co-workers or managers are stubborn, emotional or aggressive.

Eve03 Eve04


This is a vital course that taught not only tactics to deal with others but also to look at oneself”
Interesting and interactive with role-plays. Lots of fun and laughter
Inspiring and very motivating. I love the course and will be able to apply to everyday life”
Eve is a role model and inspiration”
Lively and very engaging”
Step by step approach. Funny videos, really engaging and educating”
A very good and concise program to handle interpersonal relationships,both on a personal and work basis”

Past workshops & webinars

MBA Directors Forum Speakers – Dinner Speaker


Eve talked about how to manage difficult people and maintaining well-being.

“Every obstacle is an opportunity”
• Choose your mood
• Drive a positive outcome
• Use energy constructively

CLANT – 15th biennial Bali Conference

CLANT curing injustice


“JUSTICE HUNTERS: A strategy for change”
Eve’s presentation will introduce the case study about Sue Neill-Fraser and will cover the challenges making the feature documentary Shadow of Doubt, which investigates this wrongful conviction. Eve spent four years researching and talking with family and friends, the police and lawyers. She wanted to understand why a jury would be convinced beyond reasonable doubt that Sue was guilty when there was so much doubt. Too many people are driven by a desire to judge and convict vs solve crimes and discover the truth, as Eve found out first hand when investigating and filming the Sue Neill-Fraser case, then working with lawyer and former Asst Police Commissioner, Barbara Etter. Why are people so eager to judge, even in speculative circumstantial cases? And then go on to stand by their work when it is found to be erroneous? What is the psychology behind this?

Shadow of Doubt raises important questions about the way the crime was investigated, problems with witnesses, how the media was used to shape perceptions, and the shocking mistakes and omissions.

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Time and Stress Management. A Mindset for Success 


Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 5.11.33 pm

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 4.15.59 pm

Webinar Description:
• Do you feel like you are always short of time?
• Why do we get so stressed at work?
• What can we do to maintain a healthy mindset to ensure we are successful?

Motivational Psychologist, Eve Ash will explain how we are continually adding to our stress, how we are ‘time-poor’ obsessed, and how we have linked unhelpful thinking patterns to our behaviors. Whilst we may recognize some of our own undoing, we tend to stay in state of denial and accept that this is how life is – stressful!

Discover helpful strategies you can implement right now to break some faulty thinking habits that may be holding you back, and create a ‘reboot’ so you can start a new era of personal power and control. Learn how to impact the culture of your team so they are less stressed.

Key Learning Objectives:
• Learn 5 key ways to immediately improve your time management and feel less stressed.
• Identify the link between your negative thinking patterns – ‘scripts’ – and your personal and team behaviors.
• How to edit and change the way you think and behave, to be more successful and healthy.

At the start of the webinar, participants were asked
How do you feel about the future?

Response BEFORE the webinar

result after  

Response AFTER the webinar

result b4


I LOVED Eve’s accent and would like to thank the teacher who discouraged her because it motivated her to do just what she was created to do!

Presenter was well spoken, knows & understands the topic well, and easy to listen to.
Great presentation. Enjoyed the speaker and the suggestions she provided for the scripts.
The presenter was excellent and very knowledgeable in the topic presented, I highly enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone.
I thought Eve was fantastic, and wish more companies and individuals could hear what she has to say and take away the wisdom she so eloquently and effectively shares. I am also interested to know more about how gratitude and specific kinds of playful fun can be successfully integrated into a professional working environment that is very, very conservative and often negative with a culture of fear and stress. Anything helpful is most appreciated in this!

Women in Business Exhibition and Luncheon


Eve will provide a motivational and inspiring key note speech about How to Create a Winning Mindset for Success in Life.