Workshops Topics:
Inspirational Leadership – Practical Skills for Managers
Captivating and Inspiring your Audience
Handling Difficult People
Coaching and Motivating for Better Performance
Influencing and Meeting Skills
Behavioral Interviewing
Developing a Mindset for Success
How to Present Yourself and Your Ideas with More Impact
How to Create a Motivating and Fun Culture with Your Team
Creating a Winning Mindset


Facilitation of planning days
Whether it be a board, a technical or service team, a high functioning team or a dysfunctional team – Eve delights in facilitating team building and planning days, innovation or problem solving sessions or even developing vision and values.

Eve Ash is an extraordinary businesswoman and exceptional public speaker. Her education and experience as both a psychologist and training producer/practitioner coupled with her reputation in the training & development industry at large provide speak volumes about her credibility and impact on behavior change. If you are seeking a highly dynamic and enthusiastic speaker–someone who brings both depth and breadth to a presentation along with humor, I highly recommend you consider Eve Ash.”
Laura Bernstein, President & CEO, VisionPoint USA

Inspirational Leadership – Practical Skills for Managers
This popular interactive program will inspire new administrators and those wanting to improve their management and supervision skills. It covers essential leadership and performance management skills including how to motivate your team, manage performance through goal setting, coaching, and giving and receiving feedback. Case studies and practical examples will be used to demonstrate how to manage difficult people and conflict situations. Participants will gain insights into being assertive and successful, even under pressure and with competing demands.

It covers:
• Essential leadership skills
• Building a powerful culture of engagement
• Managing performance though goal setting
• Motivating and inspiring your team to high performance
• Coaching, and giving and receiving feedback
• Managing conflict situations and mediating disputes
• Being assertive and successful under pressure with competing demands

Best program I’ve ever attended (5++)”

Best management workshop I have ever done”

Eve was very engaging and genuinely interested in our workplace issuese”

Captivating and Inspiring your Audience
A seminar to improve presentation skills and develop style:
• Identifying five key factors to engage your audience
• Developing three techniques to make presentations more stimulating
• Changing your anxiety and fear ‘scripts’ into a positive mindset
• Understanding how your body language and movement affects the audience
• Exploring creative openers and closers for best impact

Excellent thought provoking presentation” Great- very inspirational.” I really enjoyed this.”

Handling Difficult People
A program for Justice Department employees:
• To help people build confidence to manage difficult situations and people
• To develop the skills and competence to handle a wide range of difficult people situations
• To create a consistent approach to handling abusive people
• To equip staff with a wide range of practical techniques for managing conflict and maintaining a high level of customer service
Program Outline
• Causes of conflict and reasons why people are difficult|
• Welcoming complaints and feedback
• Essential communication skills – exploring, clarifying & empathy
• The psychology of saying sorry
• Explaining rules, giving feedback and giving bad news
• The Boomerang effect – the power of “scripts”
• Ways to deal with conflict & avoid a conflict spiral
• Managing abuse and reducing anger and risk
• Influencing the uncooperative
• Mediating a dispute
• De-briefing and self management

Definitely the best training I have ever been to so far.” Presenter was outstanding.”

Coaching and Motivating for Better Performance
An interactive program for senior managers with case studies to build and develop skills and strategies to get best performance:
• Gaining commitment to best performance
• Motivating teams to high performance
• Career conversations
• Best practice in creating a positive feedback culture
• Effective skills for giving and receiving feedback
• Dealing with poor performers and managing difficult people
• Managing and challenging high achievers

Influencing and Meeting Skills
For senior managers
Interactive case studies and activities to cover:
• Preparing and presenting your business case to achieve a positive outcome
• Presenting to individuals and groups in minimum time with maximum impact
• How to build and use strategic alliances
• Managing and facilitating senior meetings so they are always effective
• Overcoming roadblocks and challenges to success, and managing changes midway
• Essential steps to effectively brief a consultant
• Negotiating with clients, suppliers, contractors and other stakeholders

Behavioral Interviewing
A program for managers to build and develop behavioral interviewing skills:
• Understanding behavioral interviewing
• Analyzing interviews and the effectiveness of questions
• Competencies, characteristics and criteria
• Assessing various behavioral questions
• Probing questions and skills
• Creating and implementing behavioral questions
• Reference checks using behavioral interviews for referees

Developing a Mindset for Success
In this interactive session psychologist Eve Ash will explain how we can ‘rewrite’ the negative scripts that hold us back and keep us in the ‘Negative Land of W’
Learn some simple strategies to:
• Overcome stress and manage overload
• Be a calming positive influence on those around you
• Speak up assertively to influence others
• Handle difficult people and resolve conflict

How to Present Yourself and Your Ideas with More Impact
For anyone who needs to present and influence others – one to one or in groups.
Join Psychologist Eve Ash and discover simple and effective strategies for presenting. Get answers to common questions:
• How do I overcome nerves and fear of presenting?
• What if people don’t respond, don’t pay attention, or react negatively?
• What can I do NOW to improve my presentation and influencing?
Eve will help you develop skills so you can:
• Influence effectively and discover what turns people off
• Communicate clearly, naturally and assertively – not rambling, aggressive or non assertive
• Learn about body language and how to read it, use it and impress with your own body language
• Develop a strategic approach to influencing and selling your ideas
• Change your presentations from BLAND to GRAND so you amaze your audiences
• Recognise when you are losing confidence and how to turn it around so you achieve success

How to Create a Motivating and Fun Culture with Your Team
For Team Leaders, Managers and Project Co-ordinators
Eve Ash will share best practice strategies to build a successful culture and help answer these common concerns:
– How do I motivate my team if staff are negative and stressed?
– How can I change the culture from blaming and defensive to problem solving and innovative?
– These may be good ideas, but I already struggle with time and budget
Eve will share:
• Strategies to energise the staff – including the psychological and physiological benefits of humour in learning and skill building
• A practical systematic approach to understanding attitudes and how to overcome negativity
• Team building strategies that are quick and effective
• How to resolve and reduce conflict in easy logical steps
• Best ways to give and receive feedback so people are less likely to feel offended or defensive
• How to manage mistakes so people are inspired to improve and innovate

Creating a Winning Mindset
Each event is divided into two sessions:
Session 1: Developing a Culture of Innovation and Motivation
– Discover the seven best ways to motivate people, especially in times of change
– Find out how to inspire staff and managers to be creative and innovate
– Learn what is needed to maintain a culture of motivation
Session 2: Managing Performance for Best Practice
– How do the best leaders manage performance?
– Learn proven ways to give feedback and coach for best results
– Find out best ways to manage difficult people