Eve Ash is an extraordinary businesswoman and exceptional public speaker. Her education and experience as both a psychologist and training producer/practitioner coupled with her reputation in the training & development industry at large provide speak volumes about her credibility and impact on behavior change. If you are seeking a highly dynamic and enthusiastic speaker–someone who brings both depth and breadth to a presentation along with humor, I highly recommend you consider Eve Ash.”
Laura Bernstein, President & CEO, VisionPoint USA

It takes a unique combination of skills to engage an online audience – even more so when there are participants literally from around the world. Eve exudes a very comfortable presence and is adept at delivering a subtle mix of education and entertainment; she is an all-around superb speaker… Eve is a gem to work with.”
Performance Agents, WEBINARS, USA

Eve was absolutely fantastic, engaging, professional, humorous… staff loved her.”
Rachel Matthews, SW TAFE

Eve is a regular MC at conferences and events where her combination business knowledge, fun activities, video clips and humour, blend together to make each event a unique triumph! Her client focus and meeting of needs is second to none.”
Matthew Powis, The Outdoor Furniture Specialists

EVE ASH is inspiring as a motivational speaker discussing human foibles, and fascinating when outlining the need to correct injustices. As a qualified psychologist, she analyses human behaviour in real-life dramas… and tragedies. Eve paints vivid pictures with words, drawing on a lifetime of closely observing people professionally and as a writer, producer and director of award-winning training videos and documentaries aiming to right society’s wrongs.

Bill Rowlings, CEO of Civil Liberties Australia

… informed, entertaining, accessible, and above all, memorable… impeccably presented… Anecdotes were used to perfection.”

Bizsmart Conference, Banyule City Council

I’ve been working with Eve Ash for over 10 years and find her to be extremely knowledgeable, enthusiastic and an inspiration to all. Eve inspires audiences to greater self-awareness and openness to change. Her humor, insight and delivery style both motivates and engages her audience. Eve is quite possibly the most driven and prolific training video producer I know, with over 600 video titles created to-date. She is an outstanding presenter and MC to both large and small groups. We received only positive feedback from Eve’s multiple appearances as keynote speaker at previous BizLibrary ALIGN client conferences.

Debbie Williams, Vice President of Content Development, Biz Library, USA

Brilliant. Excellent thought provoking presentation.”

Legalwise Seminars

Eve Ash is an extraordinary businesswoman and exceptional public speaker… If you are seeking a highly dynamic and enthusiastic speaker–someone who brings both depth and breadth to a presentation along with humor, I highly recommend you consider Eve Ash.”

Laura Bernstein, Non-Profit Executive Director, Human Resources Business Leader, Adjunct Professor Temple Beth El, Sork HC

Eve was the most helpful MC I have ever worked with… Eve inspired, entertained and motivated… If you are looking for a business minded women with the ability to influence people’s minds then look no further!”

Matthew Powis, TOFS

Outstanding – a highly professional and wonderful presentation. Rather than just talking about the problems, she presented solutions to the problems.”

Ausmed Conferences

Inspiring, relevant, valuable and motivational. It is rare to find a presenter who leaves the audience wanting more…”

Sadhana Smiles, Director, RealChange

Eve Ash is a talented psychologist who has dedicated herself to explaining the confusing human interactions in complex situations. Nowhere is this understanding more needed than in unraveling the difficulties inherent in miscarriage of justice cases. Her first justice documentary on the Susan Neill-Fraser case is an outstanding success. When that conviction is overturned and I am confident that it will be, her skills will be in high demand in many other cases. Hopefully the lawyers, policymakers and legislators will consider carefully what she has to say.”

Dr Bob Moles, Networked Knowledge

The feedback indicated your session to be a highlight of the day…”

Registrar, Faculty of Business and Law, Deakin University


I enjoyed your presentation, you are one inspiring person!”
Eve was inspirational…”
Eve, your presentation was amazing. You captured the audiences’ attention with ease… refreshing and very well received.”
It was inspiring and her knack for making her audience reassess they way they think can be a life changing experience.”
Eve was absolutely fantastic, engaging, professional, humorous… accommodating, thorough, organised and addressed all of our topic and issue requirements, staff loved her.”
Thanks for a great day, it was the best course I have ever attended!”
Eve is a great speaker who instantly builds a connection with her audience.”
Eve was fantastic – so easy to follow and entertaining.”
Eve is amazing in her ability to engage an audience.”
A thought provoking presentation by an excellent presenter.”
Thank you for your brilliant MC work … You were everything and much more than we hoped for.”
This has been the best seminar I have ever attended…”