Psychologist, author, filmmaker, public speaker and entrepreneur

Eve is a dynamic speaker and regular keynote presenter on creating a winning mindset. Eve understands the business of communication, relationships and success.
She is a renowned international expert on creating a powerful culture at work where people are switched on and engaged.

Eve inspires everyone to develop a winning mindset and create the fun environment to have everyone wanting more. She delights in a challenging audience from CEOs to technical experts, retail sales people to medical professionals, and always gets brilliant feedback. She presents at conferences and on webinars.

Eve is CEO of Seven Dimensions a Melbourne based company she founded that produces the hilarious Los Angeles based comedy series CUTTING EDGE COMMUNICATION staring Erin Brown. She is also the creator of FINDING MY MAGIC featuring Olympian Cathy Freeman and SWITCH ON, which present a powerful psychological approach to confidence and success for children and adults. In the last year she has released over 100 new videos including the INSIGHTS & STRATEGIES SERIES.

Eve is based in Melbourne and Los Angeles. She is the lead writer on People Problems at SmartCompany and has produced over 700 videos showing people of all ages how to lead, communicate, present and resolve conflict successfully. Her videos are used by businesses and universities all over the world. Her self-help books Rewrite Your Life! and Rewrite Your Relationships! are published by Penguin. She produced the award winning feature documentary SHADOW OF DOUBT and is now producing FAMILY SECRETS and the TV Series EVIL CONVICTION.

Eve trained as a vocational psychologist with the Australian government and created a wide range of successful resources with fellow psychologist Peter Quarry through their brand Ash.Quarry Productions.

Eve’s range of expertise covers mistakes, leadership, communication, service, personal success and wrongful convictions.

There are over 20,000 client organizations internationally, that have purchased or used products by Seven Dimensions and Ash.Quarry Productions.