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Eve brings her vocational psychology to the foreground and offers a wide range of free advice on jobs, life and relationships. Find out how to overcome conflicts and deal more effectively with difficult people and problem situations.

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Ask Eve!

Eve has sound advice for anyone trying to deal with challenges and wanting to improve themselves in their personal and professional life.

Are you stressed? Watching the clock all the time? Worried about job interviews, public speaking or how you perform as a leader?

What do other people think about you? Are you in conflict with anyone?
Listen to Eve’s advice on these free podcasts, and hear Peter Quarry psychologist on self analysis.

• Am I stress free? • Job Interviews
• Impossible Deadlines • Am I an Effective Leader
• The Nightmare of Public Speaking • Clock Watchers
• Rate me! • Am I awesome?
• Conflict at Work • Tips for Managing a Virtual Team

What about your personal life – relationships, friends and lovers – how are you going? If you have issues, maybe Eve’s podcasts can help.
Get some sound advice from Eve and fellow psychologist Peter Quarry

• Am I trustworthy? • Love at Work
• Am I a true friend? • Am I sexy?
• Am I a hot lover? • Am I a loving partner?
• Am I a good sport • Meeting new People Online
• Meeting New People Offline • The Brush-off
• Am I a great parent?